Zak Blanch

Zak Blanch

Zak Blanch

Structural/Civil Draftsperson

Zak is an apprentice draftsperson at MPC starting in 2018.

Even though we had to wait till he was 16 to come and work with us, outside of work Zak is a veteran raceway driver, having won the 2014/15 Rookie’s Speedway Kart Australian Title at the age of 12 (racing a go kart on dirt speedway at up to 130km/h less than 2inches off the ground).

Currently, at the ripe old age of 16 he is racing a V8 Dirt Modified (pretty much it’s a fast car that drives in circles on dirt).

If he won $50m he would take Blanch Motorsport (the family racing team) to America to achieve his dreams of racing.

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