St Pius X High School


St Pius X High School – Library Project
Adamstown, NSW


Catholic Schools Office

Construction Budget


Project Details

The development comprised:

  • Construction of 2 storey Library Building
  • Partial demolition of existing building and modifications to allow construction of covered outdoor learning area

Challenge Faced / Engineering Problem Solved:

  • Strengthening existing foundations to limit differential settlements
  • Upgrades to existing suspended slabs to support increase loadings
  • Lateral movement limitations to facilitate high performance of brittle cladding materials
  • Large cantilever roof areas up to 7m solved using Aramax roof system

Safe Strong Stable Solution

Construction systems used included:

  • Building supported on existing and steel screw piles
  • Strengthening of existing ground and suspended slabs
  • Structural steel framed walls, floors and roof
  • Aramax roof system

Engineering Design Services / Reviews

  • Earthquake and wind modelling, analysis and design
  • Footing and pile foundations
  • Ground slab engineering design on steel screw piles
  • Structural steel column and wall analysis and engineering design
  • Suspended mezzanine structural steel beams and floor joist engineering analysis and design
  • Structural steel roof rafters, purlins and awning framing analysis and engineering design
  • Civil Stormwater pipe and pit modelling, analysis and design
  • Sediment and Erosion Control Design

Project Type

Inspection and Report
Alterations and Additions
New Building Construction
Existing Building Demolition

Engineering Type

Structural & Civil
Constructions Phase Services

Project Stages

  • Site Investigation and Assessment of existing building conditions and foundations
  • Structural and Civil Engineering Design and Documentation
  • Design Workshops and Project Meetings
  • Design Coordination All Consultants, Client and Principal Contractor
  • Safety in Design / Environmental Considerations
  • Construction Phase Services – Site Inspections, RFIs, Shop Drawing Reviews

St Pius X
High School

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