Patinack Farm Equine Training Facilities


Patinack Farm Equine Training Facilities
Patinack Farm Pty Ltd


Broke & Sandy Hollow, NSW, and Canungra QLD

Construction Budget


Project Details

The training facility projects comprised a mixture of the following:

  • New office facilities, Stallion Barns, Breeding Barns, Stable Buildings, Prep Sheds, Vet Barns, Round Yards, Studio Accommodation Buildings, Foaling Units, Multi-Purpose building and Residential accommodation facilities
  • New roads and road improvements including stormwater drainage infrastructure

Challenge Faced / Engineering Problem Solved:

  • High animal safety standards where required, so MPC paid careful attention to the design of connections in the structural framing such that no sharp edges or projections occurred that horses could potentially harm themselves on
  • All project sites required detailed assessment of stormwater drainage to ensure that rainwater runoff from the developed sites for design storms were adequately controlled safely and efficiently in accordnace with local council guidelines

Safe Strong Stable Solution

Construction systems used included:

  • Buildings supported on high level and pile foundations
  • Reinforced concrete ground slabs and footings
  • Loadbearing precast panels to numerous buildings
  • Structural steel framed roofs and awnings
  • Timber framing for residential facilities
  • Site roadworks, pavements, ramps and carparking
  • Site stormwater infrastructure and Sediment basin

Engineering Design Services / Reviews

  • Earthquake and wind modelling, analysis and design
  • Ground slab and footing engineering design
  • Loadbearing precast concrete horse stables analysis and design
  • Structural steel column and wall analysis and engineering design
  • Structural steel roof rafters, purlins and awning framing analysis and engineering design
  • Civil earthworks and roadworks to satisfy council and Australian Standards
  • Civil Stormwater pipe and pit modelling, analysis and design using DRAINS software
  • Stormwater water quality modelling for Sediment Basin design
  • Sediment and Erosion Control Design for the entire developed site

Project Type

Greenfield Site
New Building Construction

Engineering Type

Structural & Civil
Construction Phase Services

Project Stages

  • Site Investigation and Assessment of founding material
  • Structural and Civil Engineering Design and Documentation
  • Design Workshops and Project Meetings
  • Design Coordination All Consultants, Client and Principal Contractor
  • Safety in Design / Environmental Considerations
  • Construction Phase Services – Site Inspections, RFIs, Shop Drawing Reviews

Darley Osborne
Park Equine Training Facility

Patinack Farm
Equine Training Facilities

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