Dyke Point Refurbishment


Dyke Point Refurbishment
Carrington, NSW


Newcastle Port Corporation

Construction Budget


Project Details

The works comprised:

  • Redevelopment/refurbishment of the existing structural steel workshop building
  • Existing workshop was constructed in 1942 and used as a ship building and engineering facility
  • Existing building was 160m long x 57m wide and up to 23m high
  • Amenities, Mezzanine and retractable seating

Challenge Faced / Engineering Problem Solved:

  • Detailed structural assessment of old steel sections accounting for their condition after exceeding their initial design life
  • Detailed demolition process review and consideration of further corrosion protection systems
  • High lateral wind forces, and the presence of overhead gantry cranes in the building, required accurate deflection performance review to satisfy code requirements for the refurbished development
  • High accuracy 3D survey used to ensure bolt holes in new steel roof trusses lined up with the bolt holes in the top of the existing supporting columns

Safe Strong Stable Solution

Construction systems included:

  • Strengthening of existing heritage steel structures using new structural steel framing

Engineering Design Services / Reviews

  • Earthquake and wind modelling, analysis and design review of existing structure
  • Existing structural steel column and wall analysis and engineering design
  • Existing structural steel roof rafters, trusses, purlins and awning framing analysis and engineering design

Project Type

Existing Building Demolition
New Building Construction

Engineering Type

Construction Phase Services

Project Stages

  • Site Investigation and Assessment of existing structural steel members,
  • Structural review of the stability of the modified workshop
  • Detailed design advice regarding replacement of damaged or corroded structural elements
  • Review of safe demolition processes for unused portions of the existing structure
  • Design Workshops and Project Meetings
  • Design Coordination with all Consultants and Client
  • Safety in Design / Environmental Considerations
  • Construction Phase Services – Site Inspections, RFIs, Shop Drawing Reviews

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