Fred Ash Building

Heritage Structure Investigation and Improvements


Fred Ash Building,
Heritage Structure Investigation and Improvements

Hunter Street, Newcastle, NSW


Newcastle City Council

Construction Budget


Project Details

Works required by Newcastle City Council included the following:

  •  Provide advice regarding repairs to the heritage masonry façade
  • Review planned improvements to the roof of the Fred Ash Building

Challenge Faced / Engineering Problem Solved:

  • Condition and materail property assessment of heritage façade masonry units, mortar and laboratory testing of theses masonry components
  • Façade repairs included temporary propping and restraint frames, plus consideration of construction sequencing, to enable safely exposing corroeded ends of major floor beams and window lintels for repairs

Safe Strong Stable Solution

Detailed structural engineering investigation and assessment of the existing building to enable modifications to the roof of the building for construction of a new air-conditioning plant deck, as well as repairs to defects within the façade masonry.

Engineering Design Services / Reviews

  • Façade propping and existing parapet framing analysis and design
  • Structural analysis and design of modifications to the existing roof to enable new structure integration
  • Structural analysis and design of new structural steel framing for air-conditioning plant deck
  • Repair specifications and details to defects within the façade masonry

Project Type

Inspection and Report
Alterations + Additions

Engineering Type

Inspection and Report
Construction Phase Services

Project Stages

  • Site Investigation and Assessment of the existing building façade and roof structure
  • Structural Engineering Design and Documentation
  • Design Workshops and Project Meetings
  • Design Coordination with all Consultants, Client and Principal Contractor
  • Safety in Design / Environmental Considerations
  • Construction Phase Services – Site Inspections, RFIs, Shop Drawing Reviews

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