Rajeev Batuwitage

Rajeev Batuwitage

Rajeev Batuwitage

Senior Structural and Civil Engineer

Rajeev joined MPC in 2018 as a civil/structural engineer.

Rajeev started as a structural engineer in 2008 and is particularly proud of obtaining his Masters and PhD in Structural Engineering evaluating carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) retrofitting for structural steel / Reinforced Concrete Bridge works.

Rajeev has over 10 years of research and consulting experience in structural and civil engineering, specialising in analysis/design of stormwater conveyance systems and water quality treatment systems, and he likes technical challenges!

He is really enjoying developing his skills in civil/structural engineering and being able to solve real-world engineering problems.

Outside of work Rajeev values his time learning and practicing drama and theatre in Sydney.

If Rajeev didn’t have to work he would open a restaurant and live around different foods tasting a new dish every day. If he won $50m he would still be a structural engineer and he would also spend 6 months travelling all around the world with his wife Bhashi and daughter Arya, then explore Australia in a caravan.

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